All prices apply to raw, unwashed, greasy weight per kilo received
(usable amount after sorting)

Please bear in mind that raw wool is greasy & contains impurities. Therefore the net finished weight after washing & processing will be less than the starting weight (typically 50% to 70%)


WOOL Carding: Batt/Mat £12.00
Sliver £15.00
 ALPACA/MOHAIR Carding: Loose £18.00

Combed Silver

Roving £30.00
WOOL/WOOL BLENDS Spinning: Chunky £30.00
DK/Aran £36.00
Fine £40.00
 ALPACA/MOHAIR & WOOL BLENDS Combing: Combed Silver £32.00
Roving £36.00
ALPACA/MOHAIR & WOOL BLENDS Spinning: Chunky £37.50
DK/Aran £45.00
Fine £50.00

Please note: mean wool staple length required 15cms, with minimum 10 cms

Please also note: minimum Alpaca/Mohair staple length required 15 cms

For Huacayas: typically from animals sheared every second year

SORTING if necessary, including sorting Jacob into colours, will be charged at £5.00 per kg on weight received

NO MINIMUM for carding, BUT all SPINNING & COMBING orders require minimum 10 kgs unwashed starting weight
for each lot or batch of the same breed or blend

Blended Carding will be surcharged at £5.00 per kg on starting weight

All prices + VAT at the Standard Rate