Wool Processing Services

Diamond Fibres opened its doors to provide wool processing services in 1988, as an extension of our sheepbreeding.

The methods used are traditional, based on the ‘English System’ from Bradford, using Gills and Flyers as developed by Prince-Smith & Stells of Keighley during the first half of the last century.
This method produces a characteristic handknitting yarn of superior quality, which cannot be reproduced by any other means. We are proud to keep alive this time-honoured way of spinning.

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We specialise in spinning longwool in the traditional manner.
We concentrate on small lots [minimum 10 kgs grease weight]
Wensleydale – Leicester – Lincoln – Cotswold – Romney  etc.
Staple length 150 mm / 6 inches plus

We also undertake carding and preparation for handspinners or felters
Batts – Mats – Sliver

We work with your wool/fibre; or wool/fibre which we supply